Distinctive Values

Independence and Confidentiality - We do not serve as auditors or legal advisors or attempt to provide research, underwriting or direct lending. This enables us to avoid the potential conflicts that may arise from these activities that can potentially exist with the larger, more diversified professional firms. GCS is positioned to provide our Clients with the strictest confidentiality.

Middle-Market Focus - The globalization and consolidation process taking place in many industries is forcing middle-market companies to face the same challenges once reserved exclusively to large global corporations. In most cases, international investment banks can not dedicate their organization to local middle-market companies due to their limited prospects of generating meaningful fees. GCS is uniquely positioned to fill this gap, providing our Clients with dedicated resources and a full range of services typically offered by larger M&A advisory firms.

Access to US, China and Europe - GCS's solid business relationships have been formed throughout the years by performing quality work with integrity. GCS's network of international offices and teams of experienced professionals in the US, China and Europe, offer Clients a seamless cross-border advisory service with a truly global perspective and a full understanding of the Chinese business culture and regulatory climate.

Operational Approach and Professional Execution - We believe that maintaining standards of excellence in our core businesses demands a spirit of cooperation and hands-on participation most commonly found in smaller organizations. Since our inception, we have set out to build an organization dedicated to the highest standard of professionalism. The team of professionals at GCS has significant operational and turnaround experience that combines a diverse international background and global perspective with a deep knowledge of local markets.

Capital Sources - External financing often plays a vital role in M&A transactions. Through the firm's network of capital sources, GCS can facilitate access to financing for a wide range of needs, including: growth capital, mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, leveraged and management buyouts, and restructuring. GCS offers fast track access to the most appropriate strategic and financial investors – we are able to handle all aspects of a company's capitalization to maximize flexibility, pricing and structure.


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