Just ten years ago, the chance to become a major player on the world stage was reserved almost exclusively for the most powerful companies in a given industry. Most small and medium size companies found it too costly and time-consuming to conduct any kind of meaningful and substantive global business besides exporting, licensing or outsourcing production.

The new reality is that, in today's economy, "going global" is a matter of survival. Global competition is everywhere: companies can no longer barricade the doors, keep the faith, and assume competitors from all over the world will not pass over them.

GCS Business Capital is an M&A advisor to the US, European and Chinese middle-market companies seeking to globalize their businesses through mergers, acquisitions and strategic equity-related joint ventures.

GCS's senior professionals each offer more than 25 years of global business experience and a long-term and first-hand experience with almost 100 countries, especially in the Greater China region. This provides our Clients with seamless cross-border advisory services, a truly global perspective, and a full understanding of business culture and regulatory climate in these markets.


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