GCS Business Capital LLC (GCS) is an independent M&A advisory firm devoted to middle-market Clients in China, the US and Europe. GCS is focused on providing advisory services to companies engaged in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, international equity joint ventures, and global marketing and distribution alliances.

We were founded on the belief that the rapid and long-term rise of emerging market economies and their growing interdependence with the world's most developed countries, creates unique opportunities for many local middle-market companies to globalize their businesses.

GCS grew out of a combination of corporate finance and international business development experience brought by its principles and senior managers who combine a diverse international background and global perspective with a deep knowledge of local markets.

Our primary focus is business globalization. GCS is focused on globalizing Chinese, US and European middle-market companies via mergers and acquisitions, equity joint ventures and strategic marketing and distribution alliances.

We believe that an independent advisory business can provide a differentiated investment platform for strategic and financial investors, including private equity funds. Our goal is to bridge the gap between local middle-market enterprises with unrealized valuable assets and growth potential, and global strategic and financial investors willing to pursue business opportunities available in the international markets.

GCS's goals for its Clients include: delivering concrete opportunities for growing their businesses internationally, assisting them during the acquisition or divestiture process, protecting and maximizing the value of their assets, successfully executing the deal, and thoughtfully supporting them beyond the transaction to sustain their growth on a global scale.


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